TurnKey Writing Solutions is an affordable and easy way to add grant writing to your nonprofit's fundraising strategy.  At an average of 85% less than hiring a full-time grant writer, we offer affordable and scalable subscription packages that work for any budget and any nonprofit size at almost any stage.  With over a decade of professional fundraising experience and multiple millions of dollars raised, you can eliminate the guesswork and be confident that your nonprofit is applying for the right grants at the right time. 

Professional Grant Writing 
for Nonprofits


TurnKey Writing Solutions offers a revolutionary new solution to add grant writing your nonprofit's fundraising strategy.

The three most common reasons nonprofit organizations aren't submitting grant proposals are:

  • An already overworked fundraising staff doesn't have time.

  • No one on the staff currently has the expertise.

  • The nonprofit doesn't have the resources to hire a full-time grant writer or consultant.

The result?
Your nonprofit is missing out on the billions of dollars awarded in grants every single year.

That's where TurnKey Writing Solutions comes in...
We offer subscribers a unique approach to having a dedicated grant writer who

  • Constantly searches for federal, state, private, and corporate grant opportunities  

  • Builds a custom grant proposal based on your funding priority and the typical expectations of a grant funder

  • Submits grant proposals on behalf of your nonprofit that, in our expert opinion and experience, have the highest likelihood of success

...all at a fraction of the cost of a full-time staff member or consultant.

How Are We Different?


The average grant writer in the United States can demand a salary near $65,000 per year.  Add in benefits, time off, and office equipment, and your nonprofit is spending at least $100,000 per year to have someone sit in an office and write your grant proposals.  TurnKey Writing Solutions provides the same research, grant writing, and submissions at about 85% less per year.


Unlike hiring a typical consultant who you may hear from every few months (or never!), you will never sit and wonder if TurnKey Writing Solutions is working hard on your behalf.  We provide monthly reports of the research we're doing to find the right funder at the right time for your nonprofit... even after we've submitted your grant proposals for the year!


Instead of the standard hourly rate of many consultants that can make one grant proposal cost thousands of dollars, TurnKey Writing Solutions has figured out how to streamline the process to offer clients options that best fit their budget and fundraising strategy.  If you're new to grants, you can start small and work your way up to a robust grant writing program.  Need more grants, but overwhelmed managing the ones you have?  TurnKey offers subscriptions that allow you to complement an existing program by adding new opportunities each year, all managed virtually on your behalf with the same benefits of a full-time staff member.

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Who Are Our Clients?

TurnKey Writing Solutions has worked with clients located across the country with various annual budget sizes and fundraising goals. We are thrilled to have partnered with so many nonprofits with incredible missions working to help all types of clients (including furry friends!).