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Every day you're stuck behind your desk researching grant opportunities or ​filling out endless applications is time you're not spending cultivating your donors.  And with today's competition for fundraising dollars, it's time someone else might be treating your next million-dollar-donor to coffee.  But if you can't afford to hire a full-time grant writer, how do you avoid missing out on your nonprofit's share of the more than $95 billion in grants awarded each year?

Everything about grant writing can be done virtually, saving busy nonprofit executives time and money. 
That's where we come in. 


TurnKey Writing Solutions offers a revolutionary new approach to add grant writing your nonprofit's fundraising strategy or enhance your existing campaign.

Drafting your next winning grant request just got easier. Get this free list of results-focused skills, activities, and processes of successful grant writers.  Save time and stop guessing what works!
Put our expertise to work for your nonprofit. 

You're in! Click here to download "8 Traits of Successful Grant Writers"

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Hi, I'm Melanie Lambert, Managing Director of TurnKey Writing Solutions.  And like you, I want to use my talents and time to make the world a better place.


Remember your first day on the job? You were excited about meeting donors, helping them build a relationship with your nonprofit, and working to meet their philanthropic goals and the organization's fundraising needs. You were passionate about connecting people with your cause. That's your job, right?

But, somewhere along the line there was a shift. Now you're stuck at your desk all day searching for grants, drafting proposals, and meeting deadlines.  
We designed TurnKey with you in mind, because I spent a decade doing the same thing.  We give you back that time you need to truly be the nonprofit executive, major gifts officer, CEO, or Director of Development you were hired to be. We're experienced and intentionally affordable because we're passionate about nonprofits. 


Never miss a deadline again with our custom grant calendar of potential funding partners and all submission tasks updated in real time. To stay up-to-date on the latest RFPs and funding opportunities, research continues through each month of your subscription.  

Grant Writing

Our experts draft high quality grant proposals and letters for our clients utilizing industry standards and decades of experience. Each application is customized based on grant-maker expectations in order to increase your likelihood of successful requests. 

Reporting & Stewardship

Based on your subscription level, we'll submit all required post-grant reporting to funding partners, ensuring your nonprofit maintains a positive relationship with grant-makers for future grant awards


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Kathy Gnann, Co-Chair
Red Door Food Pantry

We are so thankful and blessed to have received a recent grant through our TurnKey subscription. We have been able to purchase food to help those hurting financially during this terrible pandemic.


Crystal Anderson, Grants and Donor Communications Manager
Nepal Youth Foundation

The more detail you give Melanie and her team to work with, the more helpful they will be for your organization. TurnKey is eager and determined to find the best opportunities for clients and the materials they pull together are
well-analyzed, clear, and incredibly helpful.


Eric Gerritson, Interim Director 

Working with TurnKey has been time well spent. We compared other grant writers and hands down TurnKey is the absolute best value you can find. 




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