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What happens after I subscribe?

Once your nonprofit subscribes to TurnKey Writing Solutions, you will receive a welcome email and information about scheduling your New Subscriber Consultation. From that consultation, we'll build your grant proposal package and begin researching funding opportunities.

Does TurnKey take a percentage of grants awarded?

Absolutely not. It is outside of the parameters of fundraising best practices for a grant writer to be paid a commission on a grant awarded. If a funder is aware of this practice, they typically will not award a grant and may ask for those funds to be returned. There are ways to include grant writing expenses in the budgets of some requests, but speak to a grant expert about this directly as there are specific details related to how much and when this is appropriate. Our goal is to help your nonprofit get the funding you need to better serve your clients. All you pay is your monthly subscription rate regardless of how much money you are awarded in grants as a result of our applications.

Let's say my grant application submissions all take place in the first six months of my twelve-month subscription. What am I paying for the rest of the year?

Every client with a subscription to TurnKey Writing Solutions receives ongoing monthly grant research activity reports, regardless of whether their grant submissions threshold has been met. So for the remainder of the year, you will receive monthly updates of funding opportunities that we have researched and some that we may have determined are a good fit based on your funding priority. With the grant proposal already drafted, your organization could submit a request on your own. Or we would always be glad to discuss adding a submission to your current subscription package.

What is your success rate?

A success rate from one grant manager to another can look very different. You could hire a consultant tomorrow who has submitted one grant that was funded and who will tell you they have a 100% success rate. That's not necessarily the experience you're seeking. Within the fundraising industry, success rate is not a black-and-white indicator of the quality of a grant manager. Melanie Lambert, TurnKey Writing Solution's Managing Director has ten years of professional experience in nonprofit fundraising before founding the company. She has secured multiple millions of dollars in grants, from requests as high as $850,000 to as low as $1,000. She has extensive experience, particularly with private, family, and corporate foundations. Her unique writing style combined with her experience in fundraising leads to grant narratives that focus on the reader, inspiring and motivating them to become part of the mission of the requesting organization.

What is the minimum grant amount you submit?

At TurnKey Writing Solutions, we understand that every dollar raised for a nonprofit is critical. But, to make the most effective use of time and resources, we typically do not submit grant proposals for requests less than $5,000. This minimum grant amount provides clients with the opportunity for a higher return on investment if granted. In general, most funded grants range between $10,000 and $25,000.

Who owns the grant narrative after it is written?

While TurnKey Writing Solutions owns the completed grant narrative, each client is provided with a final copy in an editable format. It is yours to use for other grant submissions or any other content needs for your fundraising efforts (think major gift presentations, marketing materials, solicitation letters, etc.) We simply ask that you do not sell the narrative.

All proprietary information provided by the nonprofit to TurnKey Writing Solutions will remain confidential outside of any grant submissions. We may use your grant narrative as a writing sample for potential clients when requested, but all identifying information will be redacted.

What are your qualifications?

Melanie Lambert, Managing Director has over ten years of professional nonprofit fundraising experience. In her career, she has secured multiple millions of dollars in grants for requests for capital needs to annual campaigns. She has worked on awarded grants ranging from $1,000 to $850,000 and provided post-grant reports to a nationally recognized private foundation that inspired that organization to revamp their entire process to all their grant recipients.

What is the average grant amount funded?

Typically, funded grants range from $10,000 to $25,000. However, this amount can vary based on the specific funder.

Do I need to renew my subscription every year?

No. Unless you notify TurnKey Writing Solutions, your subscription will renew at the same rate each year. Depending on your subscription level, your nonprofit may receive an annual consultation, during which you can change your funding priority and revise your grant proposal. This revision gives nonprofits an easy and affordable way to focus on a different funding need each year.

Do you offer subscriptions less than twelve months?

No. Our twelve-month subscriptions ensure that TurnKey Writing Solutions is able to review and research as many funding opportunities as possible on behalf of your organization. Deadlines vary and can change from year to year. With a twelve-month perspective, TurnKey can be prepared to submit your application with enough time to fully develop your proposal, research the funder properly, work to build a relationship with that organization to ensure that your application has a high likelihood of success, and follow up with any post-grant reporting needs.

Why doesn't the Basic subscription level include monthly conference calls?

The Basic subscription level is designed for nonprofits that are just getting started in grant writing. In order to keep the cost of that plan as low as possible, we provide email only support. While we will always answer your questions and address your concerns, if you need additional support and consulting, we recommend you consider upgrading to one of our other subscription plans. Our Premium, Pro, and Expert plans include a more comprehensive approach to managing grants more similarly to what you could expect from a full-time grant writer.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can provide written notice that you will not be renewing your subscription within 30 days of the your renewal date during your first year or any subsequent years. However, if you cancel prior to thirty days before your renewal date, you will be charged a fee (based on your subscription level) for the remaining months of that 12-month period.

Unlike a typical consultant that charges by the hour or project, we prorate our services over a 12-month period to provide our clients with affordable, easy-to-manage, monthly rates. The fee associated with early cancellation covers the prorated cost of services. For additional questions related to billing, please contact us at

Can you guarantee we will receive a grant award?

No. And don't let any other grant writer or consultant make this promise to you.
While no one can guarantee you will receive a grant award, our process is set up to ensure that we are applying for opportunities on your behalf that we believe have the highest likelihood of success. This likelihood is determined through research, communication with the funder, and over a decade of experience writing and submitting grant proposals. When we send an application for your nonprofit, we believe strongly that it will be successful or we won't send it. Once it is sent, there are many factors that contribute to whether or not a grant is awarded. These factors are the same whether you work with TurnKey Writing Solutions, hire an external consultant, or hire a full-time grant writer. However, working with an experienced grant writer who understands the nuances of fundraising will improve your chances of success.

What happens if none of the grants submitted are successfully funded? What return on my investment have I received?

Our goal is the same as yours: we want your organization to receive funding from each grant request we submit and raise as much money as possible for your nonprofit. However, the reality of grant writing, whether you work with TurnKey Writing Solutions, another consultant, or hire someone full-time, is that not all requests are funded. This is due to a variety of reasons, some of which are out of the control of the grant writer. But, with TurnKey Writing Solutions' unique subscriptions, you do not walk away empty-handed. Our clients receive editable copies of the grant proposal, cover letter, and letter of inquiry drafted for them at the beginning of their subscription period. Your organization is free to use these documents, valued between $1,200 and $1,500, to submit grant requests or use in other marketing or fundraising documents (think e-newsletters, direct mail solicitations, your website, etc.). You also receive 12 months of grant research. Your organization is free to pursue any funding match we've identified, but have not moved forward with on your behalf. Your nonprofit receives all of this, plus grant submissions, at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone full-time.

Do we have to sign a contract?

Yes. Upon subscribing, new clients will be contacted by a member of the TurnKey Writing Solutions team who will provide a copy of the contract for signature. This contract is required for all new clients. You can review our terms and conditions by visiting our "Compare Plans" page. Or you can contact us at any time. Call 1-888-8GRANTS or email

Can I expect a grant award in the first 12 months of my subscription?

Securing a grant award for our clients is our top priority. Your success is our success. But, grants fundraising is a marathon, not a sprint. In most cases, it takes longer than 12 months to secure your first grant, especially if this is your organization's first attempt at grant requests. Grants take time to research, cultivate, and develop the right "ask." And grant awards are based on someone else's timeline. Deadlines and review times can vary wildly from one grant-maker to the next. In some cases, a grant proposal can be put together and sent in within a matter of weeks. In other cases, it can take months. While it is entirely possible for a TurnKey requested grant to be funded in the first 12 months of your subscription, it is more likely that it will take longer than one year. You should consider your engagement with us as a long-term relationship.



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